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| 16-02-20 7.30 | London |
Our supplier had some server issues these last few days, but many problems have been fixed now.

| 17-10-19 17.30 | London |
We are currently performing system maintenance. ETA 2-3 hours
| 16-10-19 16.30 | London |
We’ve had some server issues these last few weeks, but many problems have been fixed now.
There was a major global server takedown, that was the cause of this issue.
Some channels might be missing for now but all channels  will be added back or find alternate channel sources.

Our apologies that our service was up and down these days because of that server takedown.
We still are restoring your plan to our new servers, So now and then you might still experience some service interference.
Our sincere apologies for all of this.

If your Mag device is showing blank screen that means we’re doing a system maintenance, like mentioned we adding more channels just try connect
again later on. This will all get better in time.6

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